Tianheng Nano Has Been Actively Participating in Public Welfare Undertakings On Rabbit Year Festival

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At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Chairman Wang Bo of Zibo Tianheng Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd. led some employees into the Tianzhen Town Nursing Home to visit the elderly in the Nursing Home and sent them more than 20,000 yuan of daily necessities. In recent years, Tianheng Nano has been actively participating in public welfare undertakings. Every festival, it will go to the nursing home to visit the elderly, give them benefits, make homework, and bring them warmth and joy!


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nZibo Tianheng Nano New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has started construction. Friends who are looking for work in the next year can come to visit the company. Welcome people with lofty ideals to join Tianheng and create brilliance together.


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