Tianheng New Nanomaterials Technology Co., Ltd Is the largest plastic film and film manufacturer in China. Tianheng has been focusing on plastic film, film R & D and nulaslim production in the past 20 years. It has been the first to develop and produce PVC film in China.

The production of PVC sheet, PET sheet, PETG sheet, GAG sheet ,PP sheet, PS sheet widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic tray, metal packaging , Handicraft packaging and other fields.


To provide customers from the material processing, packaging design to the production of a set of customized tracking service.

Currently has a production line of 35, of which Germany, Japan, the United States imports of large-scale production equipment 8, production capacity has exceeded50,000 tons; company with technology research and development centers, production and processing centers, marketing centers and after-sales service centers, more than 500 employees, including advanced technology R & D personnel more than 30 people, has become a plastic film, film manufacturing leading enterprises.


Tianheng to the quality of the lifeline as the development of enterprises, with plastic spectrometer, Rally, falling ball impact testing machine, constant temperature and humidity testing machine Advanced testing equipment, raw materials and finished products for testing, with the domestic top polymer institutions to establish research and development cooperation, and in the industry took the lead through the ISO9001 quality system certification, QS certification and SGS certification.


The company adhere to the brand road, 20 years to focus on plastic film, film R & D and production, with a number of large domestic enterprises to establish long-term cooperation, the products are widely used in architectural decoration, pharmaceuticals, electronics, food, advertising, household appliances, Dairy products, fishing gear, home textiles, beauty equipment and other fields, sales network covering more than 20 domestic provinces, and exports to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and Africa market.