Yes, as long as you can devote a little time to care for them afterwards. Vendor: Alden Madison (New York) Shell Cordovan leather comes from a ligament in the hindquarters of the horse. You can learn more about Horween Shell Cordovan in the journal. All rights reserved. Special: This was a special make-up for Washington D.C. Whiskey Cordovan Watchstrap. Alden 97891 Long Wing Blucher is built on the Barrie last. You do not need to polish these shoes often, but you should brush them fairly often. This beautiful butterscotch color is exceptionally rare, and develops a handsome patina like none other. Last: Aberdeen Copyright 2020 The Shoe Mart. 100% natural aniline dyed finish which shows all of the beauty and uniqueness of shell cordovan leather. By starting lightly and adding a small layer of wax at a time, you will have more control over the final result. Last: Leydon Model Number: 6831 Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Finish off with a horsehair brush. It is a light tan color that may exhibit red or olive tones. It features a tight grain character that resists stretching and creasing, while still maintaining a brilliant shine. If you love these shoes, they will love you back. The 101585 - WHISKEY SHELL CORDOVAN - E Design Were happy to bring back our Italian Shell Cordovan! Horween Shell Cordovan Leather Watch Strap [Whiskey, 18mm] Currently unavailable. This wallet is Shell Cordovan inside and out - the inner pockets are in reverse shell cordovan. Vendor: Alden Madison (New York) The Shoe Mart was founded in 1956 in Bridgeport, CT. Over 60 years and three generations later, our family is still selling quality shoes, and focusing on the right fit. This wallet is shell cordovan inside and out. Special: This Norwegian Split-Toe boot is made of Whiskey Shell Cordovan on the elegant Plaza Last and has a Waterlock sole. Alden LHS. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan As evident from the photos, they truly are masters of their craft. Estimated 2-4 Weeks. American made Hoween Shell Cordovan meets German craftsmanship. This boot is made of Whiskey Shell Cordovan on the Trubalance Last and has a Double Leather sole. More Information and Pictures Remember, the brush cannot have been used on any other color shoes or the color will transfer and darken your shoes. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Special: This is a particularly uncommon model, but is a beautiful design. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Whiskey shell cordovan $175 The ultimate minimalist leather card holder in a classic style. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Since the shell's fibers are the densest among the hide, shell cordovan is known for its strength and flexibility. 1 available. If you've worn them out in bad weather, they will need more attention. Vendor: The Alden Shop (Alden of San Francisco) Original heel bases in place. Special: This Norwegian Split-Toe boot is made of Whiskey Shell Cordovan on the Barrie Last and has a Commando sole with Brass Hardware. It would have been sooner, but there have been some issues with shipping delays of the shell from Italy. Made from wonderfully tanned vegetable tanned cow leather. Between the formal pattern and the beautiful Whiskey Shell color and material, it is harder to find a shoe, that captures my style and the San Diego culture better than this one. In this case, we would also recommend protecting your shell cordovan shoes with the Alden Leather Defender at the end of your shoe care routine or as needed. Cordovan can be found only in equine leather and, speaking scientifically, its nature is closer to cartilage than to skin. Vendor: Harrison Ltd. Last: Aberdeen Vendor: Brooks Brothers Model Number: 97285 Vendor: BEAMS Last: Van Horween Shell Cordovan; 35mm; Nickel Buckle; 3 piece . At the time, Shell Cordovan was far too stiff and thick, so artisans began to process the leather so that it was thinner and easier to work with.This was the start of Shell Cordovan footwear! Last: Van Some great visuals of the very rare Whiskey color shell cordovan leather: The Real Deal – no creases. Billfold - Dip-dyed Whiskey Shell Cordovan. Cordovan shoes are known for its excellent finish and durability. Vendor: H. Stockton Model Number: 3658 Last: Barrie Coming from the hide of a horse, Shell Cordovan endures a process totaling six months where the hide is tanned, stuffed, shaved, then polished to deliver a product that is above all else. Special: This is the traditional Alden LHS (986), but made in Whiskey Shell and has “Tan” Antique Edges. We are specialists on manufacturing shell Cordovan shoes and boots. Model Number: D5801HC Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan 325.00. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Vendor: CitiShoes Special: This is a truly unique and limited shoe. I randomly ran into this pair just sitting there for me at Alden Madison when I visited the store. Special: This was a special run for the Beams 35th Anniversary celebration. Revised Full Horween Shell Cordovan corner zip construction with two interior partitions. This is one of the few models, in which I would endorse the entire “Shell Rainbow” on. Model Number: 1683 That means that they use semi-clear colors with some shading in them, so the leather used has to be a more perfect skin. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Special: This is a very special twist to the famous “Indy” Boot, that Indiana Jones wore in the famous movie series. Alden Indy Boots. Model Number: D9216 Coming from the hide of a horse, Shell Cordovan endures a process totaling six months where the hide is tanned, stuffed, shaved, then polished to deliver a product that is above all else. Last: Barrie Vendor: Leffot Model Number: 20481 Part of the beauty of Alden shoes is how they form to your foot with regular wear, and the brilliant patina they develop over time. Model Number: 4026HC Just wanted to give a heads up that the Alden store on Madison Ave in NYC just recieved a small supply of whiskey shell cordovan chukkas. What is Whiskey Shell Cordovan? Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan Model Number: 40536H Instead, we recommend starting with a neutral polish. This is a special makeup specifically for Alden Madison. Whiskey is a special color used on Alden Shell Cordovan shoes. Special: The Leisure Hand-sewn is just a beautiful piece of footwear and the Whiskey color is just a terrific color on this model. Below are rounded up the usual suspects: Whiskey, a very light brown; Natural, an … Due to the light color of Whiskey Shell Cordovan shoes, it is imperative that you keep them very clean. Un-cited images: Google Image Search Last: Trubalance Special: This Wingtip boot is made of Whiskey Shell Cordovan on the friendly Barrie Last and has a Commando sole. Note: This is one of, if not, my oldest and most worn Whiskey Shell Cordovan pair and they have darkened since purchase. The model has a Horween Whiskey Shell Cordovan leather upper with a double leather outsole. Model Number: 37790 All rights reserved. Vendor: Alden Madison (New York) Because this color is so light, Whiskey Shell Cordovan shoes require a more perfect piece of shell in order to keep the color uniform. Vendor: TheShoeMart Using Alden’s friendly Barrie Last, one of the best shades of Whiskey Shell Cordovan seen in the past decade. As mentioned above, tanning shell cordovan is a very long process. Like with the Brandy Shell, some patina is expected over time, but it won’t be as dark or vivid as the patinas earned by natural shell cordovan. Special: Again, another great model, that is perfect for San Diego and elsewhere. Cordovan … Now its the time for the classic Plain Toe Blucher in WHISKEY Shell, Goodyear welted on the comfortable RUI last. These are very uncommon to find and frankly, I just got lucky with these. brand : Alden model : Whiskey cordovan Music : Ballerina_by_YehezkelRaz on Artlist. Material: Whiskey Shell Cordovan This forced Shell Cordovan tanneries to reevaluate their product. Last: Aberdeen Some might say to use tan on Whiskey, but we find that it's a little too dark. This is a special color trial and experimental method we are utilizing to apply dye. As stated above, you really want to avoid settled in dirt on your Whiskey Shell shoes before you polish them. Keep Shopping. SHELL CORDOVAN Shell Cordovan Leather is the most premium leather option available.