Amazon Studios' "Tales From the Loop" stands apart from sci-fi storytelling of the last 25 years. The townspeople who live above "The Loop," a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe, experience things previously consigned to the realm of science fiction. Cole insists he can help Jakob get out of the robot. Tales from the Loop season 2 will undoubtedly follow Stålenhag’s 2016 book titled Things from the Flood. Tales from the Loop Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The robot was his first and he knew the next had to be more like us. Coming April 3rd. “Once we’re in the room, then we’re just sitting and talking about things that we all can relate to like family or jealousy or wondering if your life has meaning… We all want to do something or be something. Tales from the Loop is in fact just as much about the people of the Midwestern town going to work at the local factory as it is about what happens in the particle accelerator that causes all of the strange happenings to appear above ground. The Willards were left to mourn the loss of their son, while Danny went back to live with his real family. He was a talented sketch artist and hoped to make a living at drawing, but his parents wanted him to work at the Loop, like they did. Jakob's consciousness was now inside the body of Danny, while Danny's was inside Jakob's. The streaming company has released a new official featurette, giving viewers a sneak-peek at the eagerly anticipated robot-filled series inspired by the concept paintings of Swedish futurist artist Simon Stalenhag. Cole makes a shrine for his brother, but when h… Best Recent Family Movies to Stream on Disney Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, Best Starter Decks for The Digimon Card Game, Why Flesh and Blood Is A Must-Play Trading Card Game, Tales from the Loop: Relationships and Robotic Arms. Cole tries to contact his scientist mom, Loretta (Rebecca Hall), but she's out of town so he goes to find the robot Jakob ended up in after the latter tried to reverse the process. “It’s those kinds of extremely relative human emotions, human desires, and human experiences that I think lock people to Tales from the Loop. “You see it a lot in the woods when the kids are walking and because it’s not shoved in your face, you’re giving the audience a moment to say, ‘Was that a robot? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “I had a few friends that are graphics artists, and when I mentioned that I was doing the show, a couple guys asked me, ‘Oh, are these based on the paintings?’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah,’ and they fucking bugged out! One day, Jakob's younger brother, Cole came to visit Danny in Jakob's body, missing the boy he thought was his brother after he moved away from home. He lives in Mercer, Ohio with his father George Willard, mother Loretta Willard and younger brother, Cole. Not long after this, Danny revealed the truth of what had happened to the Willard family, and took him to the forest, where they discovered the robot. He finds out about the fate of his brother and then is set on fixing everything. Cole started to get tired, so he asked the Jakob robot if he was able to sleep. ... while a robot stares almost plaintively at it from outside. George wants to be something, and he doesn’t know quite what it is.”, Schneider was not familiar with the Simon Stålenhag paintings that inspired Tales from the Loop, but his understanding came quickly even before he started working on the show. “I really like how the paintings are really a snapshot. It and all other episodes of the series were written by series creator Nathaniel Halpern. [1], Jakob's broken robot form, surrounded by pine cones. The Jakob robot had lost a critical component during the fight and without it ended up coming apart. Get your first look at Tales From the Loop. He was shocked when Danny initiated a romance with a girl named May in his body, but Danny told him to relax, saying that he had wanted him to do something for him. Danny, however, told him that he didn't, that he liked Jakob's life and wanted to remain in his body. He said that if it was for him, they should switch back, saying that he wanted to be himself again. To their surprise and shock, after going inside they found that they had switched bodies. When they awoke, the Jakob robot was attacked by another robot that had taken up residence in the forest. Each painting is really pregnant with possibility that really ask you to think about what’s going to happen next or what just happened. Russ put the robot on the island to keep it safe. At this, Jakob flew into a rage and shoved him. He is portrayed by Daniel Zolghadri in his own body, and by Tyler Barnhardt in the body of his friend, Danny Jannson. Tales From the Loop ... the occasional glimpse of a giant robot, either powered up or powered down, makes this show immediately familiar to any sci-fi fan, casual or devout. And that was absolutely the wrong decision. He went to the forest where the robot had taken up residence. Sometime later, Cole runs ahead but then he hears Jakob fall over. Tales from the Loop season 2 will be more about the titular machine, the black water floor, and of course, the Mercer residents and their fight with the past. Tales from the Loop episode 7, “Enemies” ends with George meeting his mother and he asks whether his father mentioned the island. Though they were both rather freaked out by this at first, they decided it would be fun and agreed to live each other's lives, just for the day. Asking the Guard. He has such a fascinating way of mixing materials in color. This is the sequel to the original game. source: added: Wed, Mar 18th '20. 0:00. Now, "Tales From the Loop" is a high-profile show on Amazon. His grandfather is Russ Willard, founder of the Mercer Center for Experimental Physics (a.k.a. Though the cops leave, they don’t seem to buy this friendly neighborhood robot story. It was the directed by Tim Mielants. Edit. A Tales from the Loop – vagyis Mesék a hurokból – Simon Stålenhag első könyvéből (nálunk idén áprilisban jelent meg az Agave Könyvek gondozásában) kölcsönzi címét. Jakob then returned to the object in the woods, making a desperate move to try to get his own body back. Ehhez és másik könyvéhez, az Elektromus államhoz hasonlóan a rajzoló mindig kínál valamilyen magyarázatot a festményeken megjelenő tájidegen elemekre. He’s like the dutiful son who realizes too late that he was following the wrong master.”, Part of the troubled father-son relationship has to do with seeing Russ be a better grandfather to George’s son Cole than he was a father, and the sci-fi framework is merely an entry point to these intimate stories. He lives in Mercer, Ohio with his father George Willard, mother Loretta Willard and younger brother, Cole. 'Tales From The Loop' Doesn't Forget The Robots (Or The Dinosaurs) Illustrator Simon Stålenhag has put together a compilation of short stories to … The Robot. This, however, only resulted in the original body of Danny ending up in a coma and Jakob's consciousness being transferred inside a robot body. Jakob continued to live in the body of the robot for some time, Danny living his life. When it became clear that the attacking robot seemed inclined to go after Cole, the Jakob robot put a fierce fight, eventually triumphing over the other robot. Tales From The Loop episode eight was all about Cole. Danny revealed to him the truth, that he was not his brother, and that his brother was actually now trapped inside the robot. The Teacher. Tales from the Loop (2020– ) FAQ Add to FAQ . While their tones have been radically different, acclaimed shows like On Becoming a God in Central Florida, Stranger Things and American Crime Story have all shared a clear affinity for the pop-culture motifs of the ’80s and ’90s. “My favorite elements in movies or television shows are those moments you know are extremely expensive to film but we really casually view them, and they’re not elements that are trying to sell you on themselves,” Schneider observes. Despite this, he agreed when Danny suggested that they remain swapped for another day. He is portrayed by Daniel Zolghadri in his own body, and by Tyler Barnhardt in the body of his friend, Danny Jannson. So I had some catch up on the paintings,” he shared. Tales from the Loop actor Paul Schneider shares how the show’s sci-fi elements are secondary to the connections within the Willard family. "Control" is the fifth episode of the Prime Video series Tales from the Loop. Blink of an Eye. And I think it was very smart of [executive producer Nathaniel Halpern] to use science fiction to get us there and open the door,” says Schneider. "the Loop") and his grandmother is Klara. She tells him the robot was like a child to his father, but no-one would accept it into the future. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tales from the Loop, streaming now on Amazon Prime.. Amazon Prime's Tales from the Loop is an anthology of wonder, working fantasy, escapism, bits of horror and, of course, a lot of sci-fi into the story of Mercer. Go behind the scenes of Amazon's new sci-fi series "Tales From the Loop." Tales from the Loop is an American science fiction drama web television series based on the art book of the same name by Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag.The series premiered on Amazon Prime Video on April 3, 2020. In fact, it might seem at first like George’s mechanical arm is his most interesting characteristic, but an undercurrent of resentment lies beneath his awkward exterior. Cole then tried to lead him out of the forest, only to realize that he wasn't following. Michael Ahr is the Podcast Editor here at Den of Geek, and he also reports news, shares interviews, and writes reviews for many of his favorite…, Tales from the Loop: Sci-Fi Paintings Become Small Town Drama, Tales from the Loop Review (Spoiler-Free), SXSW Film Festival Moving to Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime Video New Releases: April 2020. Created by Nathaniel Halpern. Based on paintings by artist Simon Stalenhag, each episode of this series features a different but related story, sometimes with overlapping characters and actors including Rebecca Hall and Jonathan … The android is from one of Stålenhag's most famous paintings, which also serves as the cover for the original Tales from the Loop artbook. While the stories in each episode of Tales from the Loop have a sci-fi twist, whether with time travel or parallel universes or mysterious machines, they are mostly grounded in life in the town of Mercer, Ohio. Cole then mourned the loss of his brother by surrounding him with pine cones, something he had always collected. “The real surprises for the audience are the ways that they’re going to find moments where they look at the show and go, ‘Wow, that’s just like me!’ or ‘Oh my god, I feel that and I’ve never said it…’ That might be your relationship with your mother or father or siblings or what you do for a living or all the things that actually matter to everyone on a Monday to Friday kind of way.”. The Jakob robot made a motion to indicate that he could, so together the two of them slept in the forest for a while. Showing all 2 items Jump to: FAQs (2) Spoilers (0) FAQs. Also Read: Amazon's 'Tales From the Loop' Trailer Finds Retro Robots and Humans Co-Existing (Video) “Tales From the Loop” stars Rebecca Hall, Paul Schneider, Daniel Zolghardi, Duncan Joiner and Abby Ryder Fortson, with a guest appearance by Jonathan Pryce. The Willard family is center stage much of the time, but even then Paul Schneider’s character George Willard is often at the periphery, and that’s kind of the point. With Tales From The Loop, the result is an 8-part series that follows the strange goings-on in a town set atop an experimental physics research facility. The production team didn't create a physical prop for this one, so Rodeo FX had to come up with its own digital version from scratch. An Amazon Studios series produced by Matt Reeves and adapted from digital paintings. However, guilt's been wracking the teen and he tells Cole the truth. During that time, his grandfather Russ Willard passed away. Schneider’s character may feel out of place within his own family, but the hope is that the viewers will feel right at home even as they dream about the fantastical possibilities the show presents. Tales from the Loop, ... First, the technology needed to be grounded in reality, or at least obey real-world physics. The Willards then suffered a double loss, as Cole crossed a stream with unusual properties, which caused him to vanish from time for 20-30 years.[2]. Cole learns that his brother is not his brother and actually trapped inside of a robot. Tales from the Loop (Original Soundtrack) Philip Glass & Paul Leonard-Morgan. In Tales from the Loop season 1, the residents of Mercer, Ohio experience strange events while living above the Mercer Center for Experimental Physics aka "The Loop." Tales From The Loop is a dramatic interpretation of the paintings of Simon Stålenhag, an artist whose work transposes his upbringing in rural Sweden with old robots, battered hovercrafts, dinosaurs. For a time, the Jakob robot played kickball with Cole. Things don’t really go as planned. "the Loop") and his grandmother is Klara. Although the actor playing Jakob is credited as appearing in most episodes, this listing reflects the actual appearances of either Jakob or his robot form. “He works at the Loop [as] a physicist, and in many ways he’s following in his father’s footsteps. “To me the real surprises in the series are going to be not surprises about science fiction, although those are beautiful and sort of set the stage,” Schneider admits. Climbing the Tower. All eight episodes of the first season were released simultaneously. Amazon's new science-fiction drama Tales from the Loop follows several personal and interconnected stories - each centered on a piece of mysterious technology. Amazon Prime Video UK: What’s New in April 2020? With Daniel Zolghadri, Paul Schneider, Rebecca Hall, Robert Nahum Allen. Cole told him that he would take him back to their parents and they would know what to do. Developed by Legion writer Nathaniel Halpern, the series is based on the 2014 narrative artbook created by Simon Stålenhag. “I love the fact that George has a robot arm, but the thing that I was most attracted to in terms of his character is he’s desperate to become a father he’s never had,” says Schneider. Stuck Here Forever. Fireflies. He spent much of the day painting a barn and had to listen to Danny's mother, Kate, believing him to be her son, tell him that she thought he should take a job at the local quarry. Are You a Robot. So I asked Simon, 'What would a robot prosthetic look like in your world?' Burying the Book. They began fighting and Jakob was tossed out of the house by his own father, George, who had no idea that his son was inside another's body. Hold on a second…’ I like the attitude that Nathaniel’s writing has about these scattered artifacts of science fiction and the attitude he has about George’s robot arm.”, Now that the eight-episode series has been out on Amazon for a few days, Schneider hopes the viewers will be able to relate to Tales from the Loop on a deeper level than just enjoying a sci-fi anthology. It gets the painting to this specific moment that’s frozen.”, Just like the paintings, Tales from the Loop embeds the science fiction elements in the landscape of everyday life. There's another robot in the show with an orange paint job. Gaddis Is Happy. Tales from the Loop also drew inspiration from the table-top role-playing game the book spawned in 2017. Russ Willard may be the founder of the Center for Experimental Physics that houses the loop, but George, as we found out when we spoke to Schneider about his role, is anything but the heir apparent. He and his best friend, Danny Jannson, discovered a strange spherical object in the woods of Mercer. Introduction Inspired by the construction of a massive particle accelerator on the Swedish island of Munsö and his childhood, artist and designer Simon Stålenhag illustrated the book Tales from the Loop where a bleak landscape is populated with abandoned robots, vehicles, and machinery, as well as wandering children and dinosaurs. Jakob is a character on the Prime Video series Tales from the Loop. Danny then continued to live Jakob's life, revealing the truth of the matter only to his sister, Beth. He tends to Jakob, whose parts are scattered on the floor — Jakob the robot dies, and Cole gets upset. A Normal Day. While out with robot Jakob, another robot approaches them aggressively — Jakob and the other robot fight and he destroys it. Walk to School. and he generously designed that arm. Hope. He spoke to it and quickly realized that Danny was telling the truth and that the Jakob robot was actually his brother. Jakob is a character on the Prime Video series Tales from the Loop. Jakob soon discovered that he did not much enjoy Danny's life. Running to the Loop. Jakob and Danny Discover a Body Exchange Capsule Tales From The Loop. Tales from the Loop actor Paul Schneider shares how the show’s sci-fi elements are secondary to the connections within the Willard family. In TALES FROM THE LOOP, one by one, the inhabitants of a small town near a mysterious underground organization called "The Loop" discover that they can bend time and space in unexpected ways. His grandfather is Russ Willard, founder of the Mercer Center for Experimental Physics (a.k.a. Cole eventually reunites with his brother and they kick around a ball, but as they make the trek back home, a hostile robot attacks and kills Jakob. George Tries His Radio. He showed Cole a sketch of the robot that Jakob had made before they switched bodies and Cole recognized it, once having bullied it by throwing rocks at it. Danny's been in Jakob's body after they transferred minds and souls in "Transpose."