Can Lifting Weights When Young Stunt Your Growth? So does lifting weights actually stunt growth? Weight-lifting itself does not stunt growth, however if you use bad form, then you can increase your chance to stunt your growth. Exercise is beneficial for growth. Weight-lifting itself does not stunt growth, however if you use bad form, then you can increase your chance to stunt your growth. Generally that's considered an old and disproven myth these days, and working out in young adults is encouraged more often than not. Does Weight Training Really Stunt Kids' Growth? Bro you need to get on a high test & tren cycle/. We are meant to move. September 17, 2019, 8:40 AM. 6 records of damaged growth plates. This topic is answered by a medical expert. I would actually say not getting enough sleep will be more of a factor when it comes to stunt growth. As the PictureFit video above explains, the theory went that lifting weights would negatively affect your growth plates while your adolescent body worked to be strong and tall. Sports are not what stunt growth. Does weight lifting stunt growth? In your vertebrae, there are disks of cartilage that separate bone from bone. Is that true?? share. There are ongoing questions and concerns from parents and teenagers themselves surrounding teens lifting weights. As a matter of fact, kids in elementary school can safely and effectively lift weights to promote health and build strength. I have lifted weights for two years, and over those two years I have grown at least 7 inches, so I think the idea that lifting weights stunts your growth is absurd. This meta-analysis explains the results of 60 years worth of studies of children and weightlifting. But if you pay attention to your diet and the weight you lift, this will change. ok im 14 years old about to turn 15 and i want to know if lifting weights stunts your growth. Despite this, there are still sceptics that doubt the safety of weight lifting for teenagers. you should take precautions when lifting like making sure you know how to fail safely if you start doing compounds, make sure your form is good etc. Embrace this newfound gym-bro lifestyle and don't stop until you're a sickkunt meat shield my mans. While lifting weights can be dangerous if it's not done correctly, there is no evidence that the workout will make you shorter than you would otherwise be. I'm going to try out for football but for football you need to bulk up for high school ball. Probably not. The only way a child’s growth is stunted is if their growth plates get severely damaged or fractured. Is there any scientific truth to the idea that weight training stunts growth? This is a common question that I get from guys in their early to mid teens who are wanting to begin a weight training program to build up their overall muscle size and strength. If you have short parents you will probably be short. You grow when you sleep and to grow you need calories and proper nutrition and weight lifting can help produce more growth hormones. However if you do weight lifting accompanied with swimming or basketball, it shouldn't stunt your growth. I dont work out everyday, Only every other day sometimes every two days. In fact, weight lifting has many benefits for youths including increased strength for sports and higher self-esteem. So does lifting weights stunt growth? You grow when you sleep, especially at your age. A person who does bodybuilding and lifting weights will not get results if he is not eating well. Ever see a big guy that was raised on a farm, or are they all midgets? Nicole Clancy. Anything in life can pose a hazard, especially if it is done incorrectly. The fact that it may increase growth hormone when lifting might actually mean it would increase growth (though so very slightly). I'm not a professional but everything I've heard is as long as you're consuming the correct nutrients it will not stunt your growth. Special Offers. Brady Tomson is a recent college graduate with a history of doing local stand up shows, playing the class clown role, and perfecting his dunk abilities more than the average Globetrotter. Im 13 by the way i can curl 15 pound dumbells 17 times bench press 100 once and do 50 sit ups a day currently 5,3. Humans were not designed to sit around all day. Lifting weights has no effect on your height. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Growth plate injury is greater with jumping sports because they produce forces up to 5-7 times your body mass (4).