The RAV4 offers two different engines, an in-line four-cylinder or V6, and both are available with either front-wheel drive or on-demand four-wheel drive. m (1.6 kgf-m, 11.7 ft-lb) NOTE: The tightening torque described above should be applied to only new spark plugs without oil on their threads. Autolite - For spark plugs with a gasket: 1/4 turn on 10mm plugs, 3/8 turn on 12mm plugs, 1/2 turn on 14mm and 18mm plugs. The plugs went in easily, finger tight, and came up hard as if seating the compression seal washers. If using anti-seize compound, use sparingly and reduce torque by 30%. 5. Order Spark Plug for your 2007 Toyota RAV4 and pick it up in store—make your purchase, find a store near you, and get directions. Get Yours Today! 2 manifold stay x Cylinder block, Exhaust manifold, Drive shaft bearing bracket x Cylinder block, No. wouldn.t make any difference if the spark plug had more threads Its the threads in the head that are lacking. If this is your first time working on a vehicle read our safety tips before proceeding. 18. 4. 16. Install new plugs using a torque wrench. 13. ... What the torque value of front Strut of Rav4 2007 V6? Install the new plug finger tight, and complete the installation with a torque wrench. 2 camshaft bearing cap x Cylinder head, No. Use the Champion torque recommendation below as a guide for tightening all spark plugs. 2 camshaft timing sprocket x No. Hand-tighten the new spark plug into the RAV4's engine and torque it to 14 foot-pounds with a torque wrench, 6-inch extension and a spark plug socket. I have tightened my plugs up to what I feel is … Spark Plug Wire Cover. Torque specs: 14 ft. lbs - spark plugs; 8 ft. lbs - ignition coil bolts If you are experiencing engine misfires, trouble starting, and or loss of power then it may be time to replace the spark plugs. 1 chain vibration damper x Cylinder head, Cylinder block, Chain tensioner slipper x Cylinder head, Cylinder block, Timing chain guide x Crankshaft bearing cap, Timing chain cover x Cylinder head, Cylinder block, V-ribbed belt tensioner x Timing chain cover, Engine mounting bracket RH x Timing chain cover, Engine mounting insulator FR x Front cross member, Engine mounting insulator RH x Engine mounting bracket, Radiator reservoir x Radiator support RH, Engine mounting insulator RH, Cylinder head set bolt Cylinder head x Cylinder block, No. Front suspension member reinforcement RH x Front cross member, Front suspension crossmember, No. Intentionally blank: Intentionally blank: Related Parts. The average price of a 2007 Toyota RAV4 spark plug replacement can vary depending on location. Re: Spark Plug Torque? Single . Really bothered me because I thought that I used a lot of torque when I put them on, more so than I've down with other cars in the past. We currently carry 47 Spark Plug products to choose from for your 2007 Toyota RAV4, and our inventory prices range from as little as $1.99 up to $22.63. Balance shaft housing x Stiffening crankcase. 2 nd. Change oil and filter my stupid s when changing your oil toyota owners oil drain plug torque chart change automatic transmission fluid and. 1 st. 24.5. Step One. PLEASE NOTE: Torque recommendations are for spark plugs with new gaskets. 1 camshaft bearing cap x Cylinder head, No. Is there a proper spec for spark plug torque on these engines? Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2007 Toyota RAV4 Spark Plug from AutoZone. 1 st. 21.6. Navigate our online catalogue to find spark plugs and other parts designed specifically to fit a 2007 Toyota RAV4. Part Tightened. NGK . 2 engine hanger x Cylinder head, Engine mounting insulator RR x Engine mounting bracket, Battery bracket reinforcement x Battery carrier, Front battery carrier x Battery bracket reinforcement, Balance shaft housing x Stiffening crankcase, Connecting rod bolt Connecting rod cap x connecting rod, Oil control valve filter x Cylinder block, Cylinder block water drain cock x Cylinder block, Camshaft timing oil control valve x Cylinder head, Continue reading here: How To Determine Bolt Strength, Torque Specifications - Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck Repair, Idle Air Control Valve Toyota Corolla E11, Removal Of Radiator - Toyota MR2 MK2 1991 SW20 Repair.